March/April update

Sorry this update is so late its been a very busy month sorting out the kittens and many trips to the Vet for vaccinations, neutering and microchips. Thank you all at Village Vet Longstanton.

All but 2 of the kittens have left home already. Shadow is due to go to his new home on Sunday and Idris is staying here. We have also been joined by Micatta Moriana Dawnlight who has come to live here and is already making herself comfortable.

Both Platinum and Merithra have now been neutered and retired from breeding. We have no girls pregnant at the moment and it could be 6-8 months before I have anymore kittens. I do not keep a waiting list as its just not workable. If you are looking for kittens feel free to message me either by email or on Facebook for an update anytime.

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