February Update

HCM & DNA testing

My two oldest cats have been to the Cambridge University Veterinary Hospital for a HCM heart scan as part of a screening process. Pleased to announce that both are clear of HCM at the moment. The recommendation is that although they have structurally and functionally normal hearts HCM may still develop and they recommend yearly echocardiographic exams of our breeding cats. Both are also DNA clear for HCM.

I have sent of the DNA kits for Jakatta Arwen, Jakatta Jaina Proudmoore and Jakatta Moiraine Damodred our next generation of kittens.

Kitten News

Micatta Morianna Dawnlight (owned and bred by Michelle but living here with me) is expecting kittens in March. Jakatta Idris who has now been neutered and is living with a lovely family as a pet is the father to be.

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