February Update

All kittens are doing very well, mostly using litter tray (a couple of accidents but not much). They have taken well to food although a couple will not eat the wet food and prefer dried only which is not an issue. The others are happy to eat both and probably anything else they get hold of.

All exploring the house now and getting used to normal household noises. Merithra will play and clean her baby but he goes to Alleria and Helly if he wants feeding (it’s handy to have babysitters).

All these kittens are provisionally reserved and I will be talking to the prospective owners soon to see if they want to confirm their reservations. I am still receiving a lot of enquires and have a few ‘standby’ options but I have no more kittens due at the moment or in the near future.

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Jakatta Ilidan Stormrage who is joining me from Michelle. He is a lovely Cream Smoke boy and we are keeping him for a while to see how he develops. He has been DNA tested and the test confirmed he is a solid.

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