All our cats are fully vaccinated against:

Cat flu (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus)

Feline infectious enteritis

Feline leukaemia virus

All our breeding cats have an annual check-up with the Vet and their booster.


All our breeding cats are DNA tested with MyCatDNA (Wisdom Health) – MyCatDNA™ — Know Your Cat Better

This is a comprehensive test for many different issues including all those thought to be an issue in the Maine Coon Breed

The test also shows the blood group of the cat, the genetic diversity and information about the traits.

All kitten owners can have a link to view the results of the parents of their kitten or a printed copy.


Although a cat can be clear on the DNA test for HCM it is known that this is not the full picture and HCM can still develop. My daughter-in-law Michelle of Micatta Maine Coons and I have recently been to see the Cardiologists at The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge have have started having all our breeding cats scanned for signs of HCM.

Following our discussions we are over the next few months taking all our adult breeding cats in for a scan. We have been recommended that this will need to be done annually as HCM can still develop in a cat with no signs previously.

We will also take all new breeding cats for a scan when they are 1 year old and ideally before they have their first litter of kittens.

We feel that although this still cannot rule out heart issues for our kittens it is a sensible precaution and we are doing all we can.