October Update

Kittens are on the way – after a long break with no kittens we have a couple of litters due in the next couple of months.

Jakatta Jaina Proudmoore x Fb Fluffyandbald Ormai (Harry) are due kittens on the 1st of November. It is a first litter for both of them and at the moment Jaina is looking huge.

Kittens will all be dilute colours and could be any of the following:
Blue Smoke, Blue, Blue Tabby & Blue Silver Tabby
Blue Tortie Tabby, Blue Silver Tortie Tabby, Blue Tortie and Blue Tortie Smoke
Cream Tabby, Cream Silver Tabby and Cream Smoke

Jakatta Arwen Evenstar x FB Fluffyandbald Orami (Harry) are due kittens at the beginning of December. All these kittens will be either solid black or black smoke.

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