Kitten Update – everything did not go as planned! Helly gave birth on Monday 4th November, not the rainbow litter we were expecting but we have 4 lovely healthy kittens. 3 boys and 1 girl all look to be Brown Tabbies. Unfortunately Platinum gave birth a few days after (in hindsight probably a few days early), she had 6 kittens but only 4 survived. The weights were very low only 2 kittens over 100g and the smallest was 72g. Platinum was quite stressed and did not appear to have much milk. After a couple of stressful days Michelle has been feeding the two smallest (thank you to Laura Whitmarsh of Coonflakes Maine Coons for instructions) and Helly helped too all 4 are still here and beginning to gain weight.

As a result of the above issues I am not posting pictures and will not post anymore updates until kittens are weaned onto solids. I hope you understand.

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